Naming of the Laboratory

The Laboratory is named after the Late Mr Noel Croucher to celebrate the Croucher Foundation's 25th anniversary and in recognition of the Foundation's longstanding support to the Institution. The Croucher Foundation plays a pivotal role in promoting the advancement of Hong Kong. By offering scholarships and fellowships to top-notch scholars in Hong Kong over the years, the Foundation has supported a critical mass of elite scientists and research projects in the areas of science, medicine and technology.

About the Laboratory

The Laboratory is a teaching and research centre which fosters technological breakthrough by combining a wide range of engineering subjects such as mechanical and electrical engineering, computing, miniaturization and micro-manufacturing. The Laboratory has a strong portfolio of cutting-edge research projects delivering impressive results. One example is the concept design and simulation of the Mars Rock Corer, a rock sampling tool commissioned by the European Space Agency to take part in its Mars Express Mission in December 2003. Another project involves the development of an innovative Miniaturized Micro/ Nano-injection Moulding Machine for the production of micro size products in the bioengineering and electronics industries.